Cat Grooming Honolulu

While cats do a good job with basic grooming on their own, there are a number of grooming-related items that they need assistance with. Cat Grooming Honolulu can help as a cat can only do so much when it comes to cleaning itself. While you are enjoying Hawaii allow your cat to have access to come of the most exclusive cat facilities in Honolulu.

Cat Grooming Services

  • Clip Nails
  • Trim Paw Pads
  • Sanitary trim
  • Brush out knots and debris
  • Initial Rinse
  • Shampoo in Hydrobath
  • Brush/Massage in Hydrobath
  • Final Rinse
  • Towel Wash Face
  • Hand Blow Dry Body
  • Clean Eyes
  • Clean Ears
  • Final Brush and Fluff

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